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Time to Vote Again...

If you voted yesterday, you can vote again today!

Thanks for all the support yesterday, please keep it coming. Click here to vote for me. The contest runs until March 6th and you can vote once a day every day, so please help me win!

And feel free to share/link/tweet/retweet this. The more people that get involved, the better my chances. Thank you.

Please Vote For Me...

Here is is guys; time to vote!

Click here to vote for my tattoo in the 3rd Annual Radio 104.5 Tattoo Contest. Thanks.

Remember, you can vote up to once a day and each vote enters you for a chance to win $1000. Good luck to us all.

V.2. without editing...

April Fool's Day...

'Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee, and I'll forgive Thy great big joke on me.' - Robert Frost

Even Knowing...

... that it's basically some strange hybrid between Bladerunner and Repo: The Genetic Opera, I still really want to see Repo Men.

Winter Solstice...

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone. Here's to gradually lengthening days for the next six months.

For All You PA People...

Okay, it's sponsored by Sheetz which is ultimately a profit driven heartless corporation, but it's still a good idea.

Free My Beer

Lines From The Line... vol XIII

'What the fuck are you guys playing back there? It sounds like a remix of Enya's dishwasher!'

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